Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Seasons Greetings &c

Merry Christmas, and all that, chaps. It's been a while since these pages were updated, for which I apologise. A lot and not much has been happening. Work continues apace, but I find myself just going through the motions. My heart isn't really in it at the moment. I'm sure there'll be an Aufschwung in the new year (think about it - this one's more or less onomatopoeic!) so for the time being I keep putting one foot in front of the other, take the lessons one page at a time, and hope for the best.

The Frau Doktor and I spent Christmas with our friends Yoicks and V. We four repaired to the Lutheran church in the evening to watch the pageant - performed by the bright stars of the Sunday School - and then retired to Y and V's place for an enormous dinner (which the Italian V said wasn't anywhere near as large as she'd have had back in the Old Country. Unbelievable! I was full to bursting after this relatively light meal!). After dinner we played a thrilling round of Cluedo - which the Frau Doktor and I gave to our hosts for Christmas. I was dismayed to find that the characters have been slightly renamed. Gone are all titles and ranks, to wit: Col. Mustard has become simply Mustard (and he's a party planner, or nonsensical job like that) and the Rev Green is just Green. Pshaw! But that didn't thwart our post-prandial fun.

There's been a lot of snow lately. It snowed a lot the weekend before Christmas, and then "warmed up" a bit (to between 1 or 2 degrees above 0), but began snowing again on the morning of the 24th. That evening in church, the Rev J├╝rgen Schmidt said in his farewell that "... we wanted a white Christmas, and it seems that we got one!" When we stepped out of the church we found ourselves in a real snowstorm which didn't let up the whole night. It was incredibly beautiful and really felt like Christmas.

I hope that wherever you are, dear reader, you had a wonderful Christmas and that the coming year is a splendid one for you!

 In the park near my house

Winter sunset in the park


Anonymous said...

Well, if nothing else happens next year, you might at least try it with a Felgaufschwung ;).

And yes, would be nice to speak to you on one of the coming 365 days - I tried to call several times but instead of your lovely voice I only got to hear the tingling O2 sounds...

All the best for the new year! Truly yours ~ C.L.B.

Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said...

My Dear Sir,

I hope you had a Happy and Holy Christmas and a Splendid New Year in the Fatherland.

As a Christmas Present I thought I might recommend a few web sites you may find of interest. First Dr Boli's Celebrated Magazine ( and this article at

I hope you like them, otherwise you will have to take them back!

Your Humble Servant,
Mild Colonial Boy, Esq.

David said...

Many thanks for your kind gifts, MCB. I shall install a link to Dr Boli's Magazine in the coming days, and the discovery of Mr de Winter's work is most fortuitous indeed! Have you heard of Max Raabe? (I really should write about him here, same genre as de W, perhaps a little more famous - apparently he's quite big in the US - he has a wonderful sound and is well worth listening to.) A long overdue email is under construction and will follow in the next few days as well.

CLB: My apologies for being so hard to get in contact with lately. I've been rather unwell and have spent a large amount of the so-called Festive Season asleep, or quaffing various medicaments in the (vain, so far) hope that they'll restore me to something like good health and good cheer. I will do my best to get in contact with you this week. I hope all's well with you.

My very best wishes to you both for the coming year!

Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your persisting medical condition. Hopefully, it will pass soon (a dear friend of mine, who's normally well-known for his robust health due to having grown up in tropical regions, was down for almost two weeks of late with a disease he assumed to be swine flu - might be something in the air, not only of the Fatherland, but also in La Grande Nation).

Might be a way to try medication not in vain, but in veins (sorry, my new year's resolution should have been to stop making bad jokes, but - alas! - I made different ones).

Take care and speak to you soon, in case you can release me from the grip of my thesis when you call! ~ C.L.B.